Springtime Fleece Time

Posted by T&C 19/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Springs changeable weather in the UK is the perfect time for the versatile warmth of your fleece Star Baby Wrap. When you're not quite sure what the day may bring having a quick baby cover-up is invaluable.It can be rolled up into the hood when not in use and put under the buggy and then when needed there are no fiddly tight sleeves or fasteners, just a quick wrap and ready to go with minimum fuss. With our unique star design, hands and feet our instantly covered and stay covered, whilst the cute tasselled hood can be worn up or down .


Our Mums and Dads have told us some of the occasions when the Starsnug has proved invaluable, including baby-wearing, al fresco feeding, clinic appointments (especially weigh-ins and jabs), school runs, yoga, outdoor fitness classes,hill walking, watching Daddy repair his bike in the garage and not forgetting just snugly blanket star cuddles in the cafe. If you have some unique occasions when your Starsnug has been just the right thing, we'd love to hear from you.


And next time you're out and about don't forget your Starsnug.