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Tips & Advice on using your Starsnug Star Baby Wrap.

Getting the most from your Starsnug Star Baby Wrap. 

Although based on a very simple idea, unless you've seen one in action you could be a little anxious about  using it in the different situations it was designed for, especially when it involves your first new little arrival.  Although it definitely looks cute and snuggly it's not a novelty item but a very practical bit of kit for baby when you're out and about and which we hope will make your life a lot easier. Please check out all the positive reviews on this website, and just to confirm they prove very useful in everyday baby life.

Your Starsnug can be used in the same situations you might use a blanket or coat when going out  usually as an extra layer on top of your babies clothes.. It can be used in conjunction with jackets and hats when really chilly. . It is however, not a sleep product and should never be used as a  night-time sleeping garment

When your baby is put into the Starsnug the star points accommodates their arms and legs which enables you to put your child into most 5 point harnesses without unwrapping them. Just make sure in car seats you don't let the fleece gather under the straps. Check that there are no more than 2 layers of fabric under the straps and that the fabric lies flat and is not 'bunched' to ensure the straps can be tightened correctly to prevent excessive movement ensuring your baby is securely fastened into the seat.  When correctly fastened the straps should be tight enough that only 1 or 2 fingers can fit between the child's chest and the strap.  Please also take into account the number of layers your baby is wearing under the wrap.  Clothing can affect how snugly the car seat harness fits so check it every journey.  It's tempting to buy a larger wrap for longer usability but using the correct size Starsnug for your baby will  minimize excess fabric which is especially important for a smaller baby in a car seat.  Please refer to the ROSPA  guidlines and advice on using carseats you can click here to go through to their site.   Bear in mind also  general advice about the dangers of overheating.  Remember to check that your baby is not becoming too hot - even on chilly days cars can heat up very quickly.

. If you are in any doubt please do not use the wrap in a car seat. The Starsnug is a very practical snuggly wrap which is easy to get on and off your baby so we are sure you will find plenty of occasions to use it.

On a chilly day nothing quite matches the cosyness of the Fleece Star Baby Wrap if you and your baby are on the move. They can be used with cosy toes for an extra layer of warmth on cold windy days. 

Its' so simple to use, just pop your dressed baby into the wrap, arms and legs into the points of the star, hood on head and you're ready to go.

You may find it easier at first to lie the wrap flat on the floor. Then open the front and lie you little one on top of it. Then just tuck legs in first and then arms and then the hood if required. Fold the front leaves of the wrap over each other. Some mothers have told us they even manage to put the Starsnug on one handed! Make sure the hood is folded back and away from your babies face.

Baby can then be put in the buggy, pram or sling with minimum disturbance.  Baby just wears it like a suit so just put straps and harnesses around baby as if it were wearing a coat or other clothes and because it doesn't have any zips buttons or fastners its easy to open up if baby gets too warm or needs a nappy checked. 

When checking nappies you can open the wrap up to make a a convenient blanket layer to lie your baby on if a quick change is required.

Our fleece has a great practical durability and can be washed at 30 degrees but please don't tumble dry as this will pill the fleece, you will however find fleece does dry pretty quickly anyway.

If going out and your not sure if you need a fleece the Starsnug will fold into its own hood and form a convenient bundle to pop under the buggy or into a bag..

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UK based baby label Tuppence and Crumble is the home of the original Starsnug Star Baby Wrap - a regular 'best buy' judging from the generous feedback received from our happy Mums and Dads. We also offer a beautiful range of fleeces, lambswool and cotton baby blankets with a wide selection of colours that will match most prams, buggy and nursery schemes. The blanket range is complemented by our fun and funky Nap-Sack fleece carry cot liners, gift sets and a selection of colourful baby hats. We support UK manufacturing with all our 'Starsnugs', Nap-Sacks,fleece and Lambswool baby products all made in the UK. Our organic cotton is ethically sourced from India.

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